May 9, 2013

Tips for Graphic design

Use good ingredients

High resolution Stock photo (e.g. iStockPhoto :  a compromise between cheap and good)

You can't go wrong with the following fonts:
- Georgia,
- Helvetica,
- Segoe UI,
- Avenir, Bembo,
- News Gothic.

Experiment with the grid system and see what works.
Don't be afraid to use big type and white space.


Get half a dozen different kinds of pencils from an art supply store and a few flip pads.
Draw simple shapes and look where their shadows fall—learn to see areas of light and dark.
Draw faces from photography books.
Draw things you like and care about.
Make line-only drawings.
Make shadow-only drawings.
Go see an Impressionist exhibit.
Expand your craft, open your mind to new styles and arts

Get inspired

Look at great design work that you someday aspire to do, and try to make an exact duplicate.
This is how great Renaissance painters learned their craft, and it is immensely beneficial.

Design skill takes years, but it will make your head a better place to live. It will open your eyes.


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