Nov 14, 2012

Tileable Patterns with GIMP

This post is for people trying to create tile able patterns using Gimp

Let's start with an openclipart symbol

Open this svg file in Gimp - resize it to 400x314 pixels
goto Layer / scale and put 200x157 pixels
duplicate this layer
On the 1st layer goto Transform / Flip Horizontal
On the 2nd layer - select layer to image size
then goto Transform /offset then click on the Offset by x/2, y/2 button and click on the Wrap Around radio button
The result should be :

Now select copy visible / and paste as pattern

you can now create a new image 1600x1200 pixels with a dark background
and fill that image with the above pattern

The result will look like this :

Oh ?! you wanted an "Iron man 3 wallpaper" ?!


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