Jul 15, 2009

celtx : Debian Installation

Interesting find, I was looking for some advices on how to write movie/comics script and then one thing leading to another I found Celtx

Celtx is a (brilliant) script editor or as they call it a "all-in-one media pre-production software" see the overview on Celtx website. Basically it make the whole writing process a lot easier since it will pre-format most of it for you (I especially like the creation of characters) - you just have to write and develop your ideas, the rest is done by Celtx - and when you're ready to publish you can export to html or pdf ...

The application is offered for Windows, Mac and Linux (kudos !)

Unfortunately there's no Debian package ready so it has to be done the old fashion way (uncompressed it and deploy) - but it's not too hard.

In only 4 steps :
  1. get the tar.bz2 (18MB) file here
  2. once it's on your desktop uncompress it
  3. then move it in your /usr/local/bin directory (using sudo mv or your favorite file browser running as root)
  4. then create an icon or link to "/usr/local/bin/celtx/celtx" which is the executable script
and there you go ready to write your first script.

Jul 9, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - grande finale !

My Transcript :
  • Now, you see why the ring buoys are vital in a car !
  • Darn, look we were going to Leningrad
  • Man !
  • Well done Kurt! without you there would have been no gig tonight
  • but hey ! ... What did you shout like this ?
  • but Kurt wasn't there anymore ...
  • Lots of people pretend to see him when it smells like teen spirit ...
    but on this road man, go figure ?!
  • I think ... he said "grep me" or somethin'
  • Well, sorry guys, but I still don't get it, why is the song named "a virus in the computer" ?
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Jul 7, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 4 (and 3,2,1)

Okay, since today's page 4 was actually easy - and yesterday I had the opportunity to watch an excellent tutorial on how to make comics bubbles on Inkscape ... guess what ?

Yeah, I remade all the 3 pages (already posted in the last days) ... exactly what a true Super5 fan would do !

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Jul 6, 2009

Comic Bubbles Tutorial

Aaarh, I wished HeathenX's crew had this tutorial posted a few days ago ... this is about drawing comics bubbles - very excellent tips there

Screencasters.heathenx.org Blog Archive Episode 091

Also the link for the comic's fonts

Super5 : Inside joke

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 3

My Transcript :
  • KURT ?
  • What the funk ? We thought you were dead
  • Alone thinking suicide
  • (are you) writing a new song ?
  • Care to join us, we'll have a gig at the Pribinańćek festival
  • Concert ... festival ... thousand of junkies
  • Do you want a ring buoy ? .. darn (we're out of stock)
  • Never mind
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Jul 5, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 2

Continuing my little work of translation ... here comes page 2

My Transcript :
  • we just had received our ring buoys, so we were rushing to the festival
  • the ring buoy are very comfy
  • we should have filled them with helium
  • ... like badass Led Zeppelin
  • Aha, Ah, Ah
  • Bloddy Hell, Watch this !
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