Sep 10, 2009

Gimp: How to make a "Russian Propaganda Posters"

Nice tutorial, to get a "Russian Propaganda Poster" effect on your illustrations or photos with the Gimp (2.6) - only a dozen of steps to follow :
  1. Open photo (easy)
  2. duplicate layer your illustration (to keep an original)
  3. duplicate layer for each item you want to colorize
  4. convert to grey (color/desaturate)
  5. Use Color/Curves to get more contrast (need a bit of practice)
  6. convert to 3 colors (Posterize)
  7. Open custom palette with 4 colors (white, black, orange and red)
  8. select color grey - drag and drop orange
  9. select color black - drag and drop red
  10. same process with the different layers you created on step 3 ; so goto 4
  11. add some texts and export as png
See full episode here

For some real posters samples, here's a website where you can find lots of propaganda poster (beware the website looks is a bit ... how can I say that ... well, you'll see by yourself)

Applying the same process here's another attempt - that has nothing to do with "Russian Propaganda Posters" - it's just a figure of style.

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