Apr 30, 2014

Hannah Minx

Hannah Wagner (better known by her stage name Miss Hannah Minx; born Oct. 1990) is an American vlogger known on Youtube for her Kawaii anime look and proportions (notice the frequent use of top down photo like the one above).

Her extensive cosplay in Japan, her informational videos about Japanese culture, and her JWOW (teaching a Japanese Word of the Week)/JPOW (Japanese Phrase of the Week) made her one of the most successful Youtube account.

She is actually so successful that many popular vloggers have made parodies of her characters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCPNPm1nlq0
Controversies, parodies, hateful comments nothing seems to stop Hannah, why?

Because Hannah Minx is quite a package of win

What are her angles? Japan, cosplay, teaching Japanese to the mass and being a geek with a big heart.

In my blog I've made some articles on famous cosplayers, and I wanted to add Miss Hannah Minx - even though she's not really a conventional cosplay girl ; because of her enthusiasm.

You can tell whatever you want about her characters or her videos, but you'll never get bored.

YouTube - MissHannahMinx's Channel

Now absolutely nothing to do with the character above - I just fund a fantastic t-shirt :

My next article will be about .. the invasion of pornstar in the cosplay milieu.


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