Dec 14, 2009

Talking Photo

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Oct 26, 2009

"Jackson Pollock" simulator

With a flash application (made in 2003) below you can happily move your mouse around the screen, leaving a trail of paint, and left click to change colors, ... the result is an abstract paint that looks a lot like what Jackson Pollock was painting during "The Springs period".

Paint like J. Pollock From the website

Oct 11, 2009

Youtube companion

For the multitude using Youtube - this is a list of url that add extra nice features.

The first one is quite simple :
it will allow you to watch your favorite YouTube video over and over again without pressing replay
(very nice if you have kids - because they love to listen or watch something for hours)
Replay Youtube video -

The second one is when you are sending links to your friends
SafeShare will remove distracting and offensive elements around YouTube videos, and it will also allows you to crop videos before sharing them.

The third one is a tool to convert your favorite YouTube videos to high quality mp3s

And the last one is to allow you to download the video in a mp4 or avi format or

Oct 6, 2009

Scribd : Super5 adventure

Super5 - Le Rock avant tout!

In the previous post I was testing an embedded book from - this time I used ; which I think is a bit easier to use and a little faster ... So I republish the Super5 comics using this module - notice the various way to display the comics (slide, book, and List) - pretty cool, uh ?!

© 2009 Gom&Laurent (translation: Peileppe)

Copyleft: this is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License

The Super5 band is known all around the world. Some call them the "legendary band" many speak about, as "the best Rock band in the 11 universes".

This comix, is inspired on an episode of their life, that is a little romanced from the real facts.
For more explanations you can check here.

Rock On for Super5 !

Sep 29, 2009

Girls of Gaming online

Open publication - Free publishing - More volume

Warning : If you click on the module above you will enter in a fullscreen reading mode

Sep 26, 2009


A few weeks ago I was impressed by a flash website called Sketchory - where you could draw in black and white and share your art with other - who were able to see your drawing process ...

Yep, that was cool - but this is totally pwned by this new website called Odosketch.
Check odosketch - Fresia - (the page will take some time to load) - below is an example of a Painting by "Five"

Sep 22, 2009

Motion Portrait: more demos and animations

I can't get enough of this Motion Portrait, this is really great
There's actually more videos of what can done ... and it's amazing!

Check MotionPortrait: Demo for all these videos.

About yesterday's post where I was complaining that I couldn't find a way to export the animation - Today,  thanks to Kaushik for the idea, using screen capture and a little work of arranging the picture I could export the animation as a gif file - result on the left.

Sep 21, 2009

Motion Portrait (from Japan)

This Motion Portrait is great, I've seen website where you could create portrait from scratch like this one,
but this one from Japan is a un-be-lievable!

You can upload your portrait - and it will create a 3D version of it, and on top of that you will be able to customized it - by adding beard, hair, gadget (like this cyborg's eye).

Too bad, there's no way to export a video (or maybe it's possible but my Japanese isn't that great so I didn't find the option there)

Check this yourself on MP CHANGE

The choice of Christina Aguilera for the test, is completely ... err, completely ... random.

Sep 10, 2009

Gimp: How to make a "Russian Propaganda Posters"

Nice tutorial, to get a "Russian Propaganda Poster" effect on your illustrations or photos with the Gimp (2.6) - only a dozen of steps to follow :
  1. Open photo (easy)
  2. duplicate layer your illustration (to keep an original)
  3. duplicate layer for each item you want to colorize
  4. convert to grey (color/desaturate)
  5. Use Color/Curves to get more contrast (need a bit of practice)
  6. convert to 3 colors (Posterize)
  7. Open custom palette with 4 colors (white, black, orange and red)
  8. select color grey - drag and drop orange
  9. select color black - drag and drop red
  10. same process with the different layers you created on step 3 ; so goto 4
  11. add some texts and export as png
See full episode here

For some real posters samples, here's a website where you can find lots of propaganda poster (beware the website looks is a bit ... how can I say that ... well, you'll see by yourself)

Applying the same process here's another attempt - that has nothing to do with "Russian Propaganda Posters" - it's just a figure of style.

Sep 8, 2009

Open Clip Art (ocal) a bad news and a good news!

I've got a bad news and I've got a good news.

The bad news is the openclipart upload has been broken for over a month (last successful upload 31-July-2009!) - So that's quite a shock and a sad news.

The error is :
Uninitialized string offset: 0 [2009-08-25 13:08

But the good news is : the openclipart team is working on a "beta" website and it looks brilliant already!

have a look here.

I really like the new website, every features I've dreamed of are now there :

  • Clipart preview
  • Browse Clipart by Tag with Preview 
  • Five Stars system for Clipart evaluation  
  • and it's still organized by Artist's profile 
  • etc ... 

Sep 4, 2009

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

Good finding, today I was looking for some cute animal icons and just found this nice little pack on the left - free to use  on

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack | Tutorial9

Aug 21, 2009

Sketchory - Chun Li

Couldn't resist to post this last one - brilliant!

[Get Adobe Flash player to see this as animation]


I'm back from vacation with this very cool website, full of "Creative Commons license" sketches like this one below

This website is based on Search for sketch and is organized by tags (you can actually participate in the tagging process)

In my opinion the top "cool" feature on Sketchory is to play the animation of the sketch, that's quite innovative and interesting ; especially if you're interested in learning how to draw manga for example.

[Get Adobe Flash player to see this as animation]

The website is here (including blog, labs, and random animation)

Now, if you feel like creating new sketches then you will have to do go there (Sketch Swap)
But, just in case you're about to create your lifetime masterpiece - read this first -

Aug 18, 2009

Opera: upgrading to Opera 10.0 beta 3

That couldn't have been easier - see pictures below
saved the .deb file - then launch Xfe as root right clicked on the deb file then select "install/upgrade" - and that was it!

Opera: Opera 10.0 beta 3 for Linux changelog

Jul 15, 2009

celtx : Debian Installation

Interesting find, I was looking for some advices on how to write movie/comics script and then one thing leading to another I found Celtx

Celtx is a (brilliant) script editor or as they call it a "all-in-one media pre-production software" see the overview on Celtx website. Basically it make the whole writing process a lot easier since it will pre-format most of it for you (I especially like the creation of characters) - you just have to write and develop your ideas, the rest is done by Celtx - and when you're ready to publish you can export to html or pdf ...

The application is offered for Windows, Mac and Linux (kudos !)

Unfortunately there's no Debian package ready so it has to be done the old fashion way (uncompressed it and deploy) - but it's not too hard.

In only 4 steps :
  1. get the tar.bz2 (18MB) file here
  2. once it's on your desktop uncompress it
  3. then move it in your /usr/local/bin directory (using sudo mv or your favorite file browser running as root)
  4. then create an icon or link to "/usr/local/bin/celtx/celtx" which is the executable script
and there you go ready to write your first script.

Jul 9, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - grande finale !

My Transcript :
  • Now, you see why the ring buoys are vital in a car !
  • Darn, look we were going to Leningrad
  • Man !
  • Well done Kurt! without you there would have been no gig tonight
  • but hey ! ... What did you shout like this ?
  • but Kurt wasn't there anymore ...
  • Lots of people pretend to see him when it smells like teen spirit ...
    but on this road man, go figure ?!
  • I think ... he said "grep me" or somethin'
  • Well, sorry guys, but I still don't get it, why is the song named "a virus in the computer" ?
Here's the original post Blog d'un robot: Rock Robot

Jul 7, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 4 (and 3,2,1)

Okay, since today's page 4 was actually easy - and yesterday I had the opportunity to watch an excellent tutorial on how to make comics bubbles on Inkscape ... guess what ?

Yeah, I remade all the 3 pages (already posted in the last days) ... exactly what a true Super5 fan would do !

Here's the original post Blog d'un robot: Rock Robot

Jul 6, 2009

Comic Bubbles Tutorial

Aaarh, I wished HeathenX's crew had this tutorial posted a few days ago ... this is about drawing comics bubbles - very excellent tips there Blog Archive Episode 091

Also the link for the comic's fonts

Super5 : Inside joke

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 3

My Transcript :
  • KURT ?
  • What the funk ? We thought you were dead
  • Alone thinking suicide
  • (are you) writing a new song ?
  • Care to join us, we'll have a gig at the Pribinaček festival
  • Concert ... festival ... thousand of junkies
  • Do you want a ring buoy ? .. darn (we're out of stock)
  • Never mind
Here's the original post Blog d'un robot: Rock Robot

Jul 5, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 2

Continuing my little work of translation ... here comes page 2

My Transcript :
  • we just had received our ring buoys, so we were rushing to the festival
  • the ring buoy are very comfy
  • we should have filled them with helium
  • ... like badass Led Zeppelin
  • Aha, Ah, Ah
  • Bloddy Hell, Watch this !
Here's the original post Blog d'un robot: Rock Robot

Jun 30, 2009

Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5 - page 1

Super5 Rocks and I'm a big fan !

So here's the translated version of page 1 of the "Rock'n'Roll trip with Super5".

This French comic is a co-production by Super5, published as a Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France Creative Common Attribution Licence; the license of this Artwork has been changed to (see original post )- which is similar and compatible with the previous CC-SA license.

(My humble contribution as a fan, is this (poor) translation into English - but don't worry more pages will follow in blogmymix - the motto is "to share and publish")

Here's the original post Blog d'un robot: Rock Robot (in French).

Jun 23, 2009

Opera : How to add search engines

Adding search engines - Opera Knowledge Base: "Adding search engines

Opera comes with a default list of commonly used searches, but you can also add additional searches if you do not find your favorite among the defaults. In fact, it does not even have to be a search engine, most sites with a search field can be added as a search.

To add a search, simply right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac) in the site's search field and select 'Create search' from the menu. Enter a name for your search, and a keyword, which can be used for searching directly from the address bar. Then click OK."

This feature is really cool - and works pretty much as the FireFox "Add a Keyword for this search" (see explanations on mozillaZine website)

But unfortunately this feature is broken (the create search is unactive) in Opera Unite beta see this posts ; hopefully it will be fix in the next release

Jun 22, 2009

Search trick for public domain pictures

Here's a trick for Firefox to search public domain pictures using the "Add a Keyword for this search" - you have to edit your new bookmark with this syntax :

it then will look for public domain pictures.

Jun 21, 2009

Installing Opera Unite under Debian

It's not exactly as friendly as the version 9.64 install ; (where everything could be done within synaptic) - but it's quite easy (took me 2 clicks)
  1. download the .deb file from
  2. launch Xfe as root then click Install/upgrade

And that was it !

Jun 17, 2009

Opera Unite

Opera Unite's slogan of "re-inventing the web", would probably have sound a bit arrogant since very few people have heard of this internet Browser before.

I knew myself a little about Opera 9.5 - because a couple of month ago - I was looking for a browser able to download torrents, and found Wyzo (that didn't really impressed me) and later discovered that handling torrent files has been a standard feature of the Opera browser (for quite some time) and so when I heard about this new beta version I was excited to see what it would be ...

Opera Unite in a nutshell is like sharing your stuff on the web directly from your computer to others.

I've read some critics talking about performance compared to other services, about security issues, about this solution not being environmental friendly since you have to have your PC "on" all day and such ... all these critics make their point, but this Beta is quite exciting.

I can see various scenarios where Opera Unite is really attractive
  1. I'm chatting with my friend Bobba Fett and we have to transfer a 12MB files - no way to send this by mail, I don't want to upload this on a ftp server etc ... I just launch Opera Unite and share the file - then send the http address of my local opera unite page to Bobba and as soon as the download is finished - I close Opera Unite.
  2. At home, I want to send a couple of files from my Linux box, on my mac - of course I could start sharing on the mac, setup a ftp service on the Linux box, ... or just launch Opera Unite and already use an interface I'm familiar with.
  3. I want to setup a "Facebook like account", but I want to have total control of my content
There's probably more benefits, but that's what convince me to install Opera Unite.

Impressive OpenSource and Free art collection

If you're still not convinced that open source and free software such as Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender can really kick ass then please have a look at the latest issue of Code:FREE

CODE:FREE - Chrisdesign blog

the breathtaking illustration on the left is from Luciano Lourenço with Inkscape

Jun 16, 2009

Nice collection of caricatures

If you like caricatures (like I do) - then you will be interested by this set from - also good to know all of them are published as public domain.

May 20, 2009


Good news everyone, Psychonauts is available for free at (just click on the picture below) - you will need to register ; but it's worth the effort - since there's 2 pages of free games to download.

NB: the game is only supported on Windows 2000, XP and Vista

May 13, 2009

Running tiddllyWiki with Opera on Linux platform

In order to run tiddlywiki on Opera you need 2 files the empty.html and the jar file:

But you also need to have java installed (see Enabling Java in Opera for Linux - Opera Knowledge Base)

sudo find / -name /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun-

if it's not there

sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre (1.5.0-17-0.1)

and then you need to go into Opera / Tools / Advanced / Content and tick "Enable Java"

go into "Java option" and put the Java's path

Then you need to quit + relaunch Opera, and load your local tiddlywiki

this message will appear just approve it - and it's done

May 12, 2009

Duke Nukem Forever

So now it's pretty official there will be no Duke Nukem Forever ... apparently the financial crisis has finished him ?!

Here on this link below you will find avanced 3d characters (including a topless podgirl (NSFW))

ZBrushCentral - Duke Nukem Forever Characters

I bet you will read this quotes with the Duke's voice

  • Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride!
  • Hmm, don't have time to play with myself.

And some music from Duke Nukem 3D, Playstation (1997) found on Mark Knight's website.

As a final hommage to the Duke ... I'm playing Grabbag as we speak !


Lately I've stumbled upon a very addictive comic ; the story takes place in London, an aftermathed London to be exact ... it starts just like that (and I hope for you it's not already 10pm, cos you will spend the night reading ...)

23 years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment.
6 years ago, the world ended.
This is the story of what happened next.

The official website is FreakAngel

(Instructions and smaller version here)

May 6, 2009

Installing Opera Web Browser in Linux Debian

Lately I've tried the Opera web browser and as far as today for me it rocks under Windows - so I tried to install it on Linux Debian ; and went to the opera website, clicked the download link (image below).

But I had second thought since using synaptic "is like shopping on Amazon, with one click purchases" , ... after a bit of searching, I finally found this nice little article in Opera's documentation - 

In conclusion actually just add this in the /etc/apt/sources.list

  • deb stable non-free
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install opera

and voila ... you're done with the clean installation of Opera in Debian.

Opera Web Browser | Faster & safer | Download the new Internet browsers free

May 1, 2009

The Hunt For Gollum Movie Website - COMING SUNDAY 3rd MAY

If you're a Lord of the Ring fan - you will be delighted to know that there will be a 40 mn movie free to download on the website below available this sunday.
This movie is completely made and produced by hardcore Fans (around 150 contributors) - by the look of the 2 trailers, this will be good ! And I can't wait ... 


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