Jun 17, 2009

Opera Unite

Opera Unite's slogan of "re-inventing the web", would probably have sound a bit arrogant since very few people have heard of this internet Browser before.

I knew myself a little about Opera 9.5 - because a couple of month ago - I was looking for a browser able to download torrents, and found Wyzo (that didn't really impressed me) and later discovered that handling torrent files has been a standard feature of the Opera browser (for quite some time) and so when I heard about this new beta version I was excited to see what it would be ...

Opera Unite in a nutshell is like sharing your stuff on the web directly from your computer to others.

I've read some critics talking about performance compared to other services, about security issues, about this solution not being environmental friendly since you have to have your PC "on" all day and such ... all these critics make their point, but this Beta is quite exciting.

I can see various scenarios where Opera Unite is really attractive
  1. I'm chatting with my friend Bobba Fett and we have to transfer a 12MB files - no way to send this by mail, I don't want to upload this on a ftp server etc ... I just launch Opera Unite and share the file - then send the http address of my local opera unite page to Bobba and as soon as the download is finished - I close Opera Unite.
  2. At home, I want to send a couple of files from my Linux box, on my mac - of course I could start sharing on the mac, setup a ftp service on the Linux box, ... or just launch Opera Unite and already use an interface I'm familiar with.
  3. I want to setup a "Facebook like account", but I want to have total control of my content
There's probably more benefits, but that's what convince me to install Opera Unite.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you can send 25MB file by mail ;) thanks to gmail

hallvors said...

..but why bother sending the file by E-mail when you can share it directly? :)

Opera Unite rocks for this use case.


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