Dec 2, 2013

New Business models for the 21st century

Employees are doomed

We all heard about the end of the "Employee paradigm" - the mythical guy who has been working for the same company all his career is a very endangered specie. Today working 3 or 4 years for a company is already a big achievement.

Work as we know it today, is still a concept inherited from the industrial age, but this concept is obsolete and that's why we are confronted with a massive unemployment on one hand or many jobs that are either "artificial" or counter-productive and employers that are reluctant to hire freshly certified student or prefer to invest in abroad facilities or outsourcing on the other hand. Because one side is trying to enter the workforce place to access the consumerism model (buying a house, a car and starting a family) and the other is trying to lower his price and maximize his profits.

Until society accept that there is no shame to be unemployed - and address the people's need to find their own true purpose - society will be in dire straights.

The rise of the self employed

Because many people are unemployed - or are trying to find or add a new income - self employment or freelancing and self empowerment, have emerged and are giving the economy a boost in self-help, coaching, mentoring, sales training, etc...
But still being "self employed" is usually a synonymous of "being a loser at home" society's perception is still in preference of the old paradigm of the three piece suits employee working 9 to 5 in a modern office - and for the "Freelancer" the challenges are even more difficult, because now the former "frustrated employee" is still the employee, but he also has to be his own boss ...

Jun 11, 2013

Metal Basic

Back in the days

It appears "Metal Basic" has been abandoned. My path had lead me to create a few programs, back in 2002 and 2003 ; when Apple was transitioning most of his users from OS 9 to the shiny OS X.

What was great about Metal Basic ? it is very light (less than 10MB when uncompressed and with all the documentation and source code examples) and worked on both environments : OS X native (no need to have OS 9 installed) requiring less than 64MB of RAM - and you could create some standalone program.

Meanwhile the closest development language available at the time was codewarrior - so for little tasks and programs ... Metal Basic was free and did the job pretty well!

A nice little Gem 

May 9, 2013

Tips for Graphic design

Use good ingredients

High resolution Stock photo (e.g. iStockPhoto :  a compromise between cheap and good)

You can't go wrong with the following fonts:
- Georgia,
- Helvetica,
- Segoe UI,
- Avenir, Bembo,
- News Gothic.

Experiment with the grid system and see what works.
Don't be afraid to use big type and white space.


Get half a dozen different kinds of pencils from an art supply store and a few flip pads.
Draw simple shapes and look where their shadows fall—learn to see areas of light and dark.
Draw faces from photography books.
Draw things you like and care about.
Make line-only drawings.
Make shadow-only drawings.
Go see an Impressionist exhibit.
Expand your craft, open your mind to new styles and arts

Get inspired

Look at great design work that you someday aspire to do, and try to make an exact duplicate.
This is how great Renaissance painters learned their craft, and it is immensely beneficial.

Design skill takes years, but it will make your head a better place to live. It will open your eyes.

Jan 29, 2013

Cosplay rising to new heights

Cosplay is now for the pros

Nadya Sonika

In the past during comics convention, a new trend was forming with fans making amateurish appearance  in outfit hand-made and this was to the delight of the artists and visitors.

But today this Art is actually at a stage where it surpasses the simple portraying of comics book or movie star characters. With amazing skills, crafts, excellent photographs, the cosplayers are now entering a new level where they are “becoming” the characters. The illusion is complete.

And their level of mastery is even pushing them into making variations or even upgrading the current character's outfit to new level of awesomeness.

Nadya Sonika

Rising stars

On this blog Crystal Graziano  an outstanding cosplayer has been praised a couple of times - Since she has launched a video series ("Project Cosplay") on how she makes her mind blowing outfit.

Nadya Sonika
Nadya Sonika - Fan art

And it was mentioned that Crystal Graziano is among the top brass of the North American cosplay - now there is a rising cosplay star in Mexico - she has the class, beauty and style making her the match to this new trend of cosplayers that are pushing the limits in designing outfits and cosplay.

Her name is  Nadya Sonika - this post is an homage to her magnificent creations.
She has fan herself (and like many cosplayers today artist are drawing her and sending "fan art").

Which is quite a prowess, since cosplay (short for "costume play") is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character, and then now cosplayers themselves can have fan of their own.

Are we going to see a new type of fans cosplaying  Bellechere, Jessica Nigri, Katybear, Megan Marie, Queen Riot, Crystal Graziano etc ... ?

Or  movie with actual mainstream actress portraying cosplayers ? Well, that would be fun and I'll watch that for sure.

Where to find more about Nadya Sonika :

Jan 28, 2013

Apple misshaps

Apple QuickTime backdoor creates code-execution peril • The Register

Technically, the inclusion of an unused parameter known as “_Marshaled_pUnk” is a backdoor because it is the work of an Apple developer who added it to to the QuickTime code base and then, most likely, forgot to remove it when it was no longer needed. It sat largely undetected for at least nine years until Ruben Santamarta of Spain-based security firm Wintercore discovered it and realized it could be exploited to take full control of machines running Windows 7, Microsoft's most secure operating system to date.

Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns • The Register: "Those unhappy iPadders have filed suit against Apple — and they're asking the court to elevate their claim to class-action status."

Jan 25, 2013

Public domain hero spotlight : Octobriana

Who is Octobriana ?

Started as a twisted Czech mystification (with Peter Sadeky), reborn as a UK sensation (linked with David Bowie), labelled as spy, rebellious soul, She-devil ... this is Octobriana!

Octobriana is public domain, which means she's copyright free and everyone can create his own version.
And indeed, you can see Octobriana in all shapes and forms (as adult comic, anime, manga, cartoon, pixel-art, in movies, music clip, video game (or maybe not), ... ) beware though because many of her reinvention should be tagged NSFW.

Octobriana is a good starting point for comic artists in lack of inspiration for their comics, very much like Jenny Everywhere ; she seems to be unfortunately confined for the underground borderline adult comics - not for the mainstream.

A selection of links for Octobriana

Beware because Octobriana keeps coming back every now and then, re-emerging from the depth of the underground comics layer of the web. Mysteriously.

Other public domain characters

Jan 18, 2013

Cosplayer Spotlight

Back in 2011 a post has been made here ; about an outstanding cosplayer - she goes by the name of Crystal Graziano - and she is among the top brass of the American cosplay folks (among celebrity like Bellechere, Jessica Nigri, Katybear, Megan Marie, Queen Riot, etc ...).

No wonder she attracts success like a magnet - she has a dream body, the technical skills, the design genius, and the taste of a real professional. And she's getting better and better.

The only regret written back then, was that the beautiful Crystal Graziano  didn't had any youtube videos yet. Well surprise, now there's plenty of excellent interviews of her at check for all videos titled "Project Cosplay" - 8 episodes featuring the missus.

Extraordinary Cosplayer Spotlight: Crystal Graziano - Los Angeles Video game babes | The pinnacle of sex appeal has been achieved.

But not only she's cosplaying, designing and making her own costume, she also can draw  anime style.

There seems to be no limit in her talents.

Where to find more about her :!/itsprecioustime

Jan 15, 2013

Grumpy Cat

Image source : Grumpy-cat

Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy cat) became an internet sensation after her photo (yes Tardar is a female) arisen in  September 2012.

Her official webpage is at
Her facebook page
Her youtube channel
Her tumblr
Now there's meme about grumpy cat all over the place
"I had fun once, it was awful"

The meme is being used into T-Shirt, Poster,  magnet, flyer, hat, etc ...

Check for yourself :

This post is dedicated to Grumpy Cat
But does Tardar Sauce approves of this ?


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