Dec 2, 2013

New Business models for the 21st century

Employees are doomed

We all heard about the end of the "Employee paradigm" - the mythical guy who has been working for the same company all his career is a very endangered specie. Today working 3 or 4 years for a company is already a big achievement.

Work as we know it today, is still a concept inherited from the industrial age, but this concept is obsolete and that's why we are confronted with a massive unemployment on one hand or many jobs that are either "artificial" or counter-productive and employers that are reluctant to hire freshly certified student or prefer to invest in abroad facilities or outsourcing on the other hand. Because one side is trying to enter the workforce place to access the consumerism model (buying a house, a car and starting a family) and the other is trying to lower his price and maximize his profits.

Until society accept that there is no shame to be unemployed - and address the people's need to find their own true purpose - society will be in dire straights.

The rise of the self employed

Because many people are unemployed - or are trying to find or add a new income - self employment or freelancing and self empowerment, have emerged and are giving the economy a boost in self-help, coaching, mentoring, sales training, etc...
But still being "self employed" is usually a synonymous of "being a loser at home" society's perception is still in preference of the old paradigm of the three piece suits employee working 9 to 5 in a modern office - and for the "Freelancer" the challenges are even more difficult, because now the former "frustrated employee" is still the employee, but he also has to be his own boss ...

Work, Work, Work 

This new trend hasn't addressed the problem of getting rid of the primary issue - first we need to know what to do ... before we jump into sales training, finding prospects etc ...
We have to brand ourselves, to build an online presence

Finding his talent

And that's another set of questions and concerns, and what is amazing is that most students comes out of school having close no clue of what they are really good at or what they want to do with their life.
But one thing is for certain and has been stamped by visionary Seth Godin - the new paradigm is to quit what he called "The race to the bottom" - and finding our true purpose.

We are all going to have to change past 2012. Currently, the recession is a never ending recession - the school system, the retirement system hasn't received the memo yet, but there is a shift going on. The safety net is gone, the capitalist system has entered a new phase - with the help of the internet, we are all able (or at least have the potential) to be heard, so while part of the economy continue his race to the bottom, by following aggressive business practice (to maintain or keep low prices) there is now a "race to the top" that is open for the new "entrepreneur" for people that has unique services to offer.

Hence the urge to find his own unique talent.

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