Feb 5, 2009

Wacom : Photoshop Elements

After I gave a shot at ArtRage2 bundled with the Wacom tablet, I took the other cd that was in the box - and installed .... Photoshop Elements (PE) ...

First surprise, it wasn't a cd but actually a dvd and the installation took ages to finish (2GB ??) - so I thought that I would have something quite impressive - and in fact, (second surprise) it's just a minimalist version of Adobe Photoshop with limited features, ... there Adobe Bridge CS3(c) to browse into the pictures, and then a couple of assistant (or wizard step by step guided tutorial (sort of)).

Anyway, it's not too bad, (2GB ??) the filter gallery is impressive, but the mega killer stuff are the brushes, ... yep, I have to say ... I was quite convinced that Gimp was in some respect a fair equivalent to Photoshop, but after using those brushes, ... Well Gimp has some improvements to make.

On the left as usual a little sample done with Photoshop Elements (PE)

And below some additional resources :
Photoshop Elements resources
Photoshop Elements

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