Aug 6, 2012

Making comics on Linux

Making comics is fun, but requires a lot of skills :
you have to be very imaginative, write interesting stories, be well organized, be good at drawing, accept criticism, be able to publish frequently ...

You will also have to make a few choices on the software to use, photoshop still being a bit pricey - you might be interested in open-source software -  and nowadays they are as good as the leading one.

Assuming you already have a comics in mind, and have drawn a few pages already on paper.

The best route for you is to scan those pages, and import them in Gimp - then to ink them and color them.

By putting the sketch on layer1, the ink on layer3, and the colours in layer2  - you are pretty much set.

Beware though, not to mix layers - if you're using Gimp 2.6 - if you have Gimp 2.8 there is a new lock/unlock feature you might use to prevent editing the wrong layer.

Then when the art is done, you simply add a layer4 for text. Make sure the text is spell checked because Gimp doesn't have this ability.

Image credit : Battle for Wesnoth comics


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