Apr 1, 2009

Announcement openclipart release version 0.19 (cont'd)

While I'm using the new ocal version ... I noticed the 0.19 release includes 248 html files with quick preview - this is new (compared to previous release) and really makes the ocal's browsing experience fun ...

For exampel I found this excellent set of cartoonish animals from StudioFibonacci.

Here's the link to the official announcement from Jon Phillips co-foundator of the openclipart website
Open Clip Art Library Release 0.19 Announcement and OCAL10K Goal Exceeeded | rejon.org is Jon Phillips.

On a sidenote I also noticed a few cliparts that were included in the 0.18 release have disappeared in the 0.19 ; like this one below - luckily it's still available from the clker.com website :

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