Jan 18, 2013

Cosplayer Spotlight

Back in 2011 a post has been made here ; about an outstanding cosplayer - she goes by the name of Crystal Graziano - and she is among the top brass of the American cosplay folks (among celebrity like Bellechere, Jessica Nigri, Katybear, Megan Marie, Queen Riot, etc ...).

No wonder she attracts success like a magnet - she has a dream body, the technical skills, the design genius, and the taste of a real professional. And she's getting better and better.

The only regret written back then, was that the beautiful Crystal Graziano  didn't had any youtube videos yet. Well surprise, now there's plenty of excellent interviews of her at www.youtube.com/user/stagefivetv/ check for all videos titled "Project Cosplay" - 8 episodes featuring the missus.

Extraordinary Cosplayer Spotlight: Crystal Graziano - Los Angeles Video game babes | Examiner.com: The pinnacle of sex appeal has been achieved.

But not only she's cosplaying, designing and making her own costume, she also can draw  anime style.

There seems to be no limit in her talents.

Where to find more about her :


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