Nov 18, 2011

Selvaria : sew it!

Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles was once featured on this blog with the post on the Cerberus Project figurine.

Her full name is : Selvaria Bles and she is a 22 year old Brigadier General War Witch and one of the main antagonists in Valkyria Chronicles & Valkyria Chronicles 3.

This splendid character with silver hair had me stumble upon one of the most breathtaking cosplayer : Crystal Graziano - She really does Selvaria justice.

But then I found her various cosplay version of Cammy and then I really thought Crystal deserved to be featured in the blog. There was too many "serendipity".

Here's a few links to her website and interviews :!/itsprecioustime

My only regret is that Crystal doesn't have created a youtube account (yet).

But I won't despair : her popularity is going strong by the days, and her last shoot as "Black Widow" with the "Big white Bazooka" is a must-see.

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