Jan 25, 2013

Public domain hero spotlight : Octobriana

Who is Octobriana ?

Started as a twisted Czech mystification (with Peter Sadeky), reborn as a UK sensation (linked with David Bowie), labelled as spy, rebellious soul, She-devil ... this is Octobriana!

Octobriana is public domain, which means she's copyright free and everyone can create his own version.
And indeed, you can see Octobriana in all shapes and forms (as adult comic, anime, manga, cartoon, pixel-art, in movies, music clip, video game (or maybe not), ... ) beware though because many of her reinvention should be tagged NSFW.

Octobriana is a good starting point for comic artists in lack of inspiration for their comics, very much like Jenny Everywhere ; she seems to be unfortunately confined for the underground borderline adult comics - not for the mainstream.

A selection of links for Octobriana


Beware because Octobriana keeps coming back every now and then, re-emerging from the depth of the underground comics layer of the web. Mysteriously.

Other public domain characters


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