Sep 8, 2009

Open Clip Art (ocal) a bad news and a good news!

I've got a bad news and I've got a good news.

The bad news is the openclipart upload has been broken for over a month (last successful upload 31-July-2009!) - So that's quite a shock and a sad news.

The error is :
Uninitialized string offset: 0 [2009-08-25 13:08

But the good news is : the openclipart team is working on a "beta" website and it looks brilliant already!

have a look here.

I really like the new website, every features I've dreamed of are now there :

  • Clipart preview
  • Browse Clipart by Tag with Preview 
  • Five Stars system for Clipart evaluation  
  • and it's still organized by Artist's profile 
  • etc ... 

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