Jun 17, 2010

How to download bit-torrent files with Opera

The Opera browser never fails to amaze me - not only it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux - but you it has  embedded mail, and can be used to share files (with Opera Unite) but it is also able to download bit-torrent files.

Compared to the traditional download where the file source can only be downloaded from one server - bit-torrent files are sharing the stress of the download on all the clients that are currently downloading the file, making the process a lot more efficient and faster - see illustration for a better understanding (extract from wikipedia) :

Here's a step by step  of the process of downloading a bit-torrent DVD (Linuxmint "Isadora")

step 1 - click on the torrent link and press "Open"
step 2 - select destination and press "Yes"
step 3 - check downloading process


Originally posted on Alashazam: How to download a DVD torrent using Opera

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