Aug 29, 2010

Digg has broken an ... axle ?!

Digg V4 ... At first it probably looked like a good idea, then there was the alpha phase (where most people thought to be a scam ) - but all geek are suckers for a newer version (see Bloggers Trade: Digg Launched New Digg)

Result ... Digg 4 is really, clearly a nightmare version and digg user (diggers) are running away... (including yours truly).

I don't care about the Double account creation issues with Facebook Connect issue, or the "Upcoming section" gone, or the missing bury button  ... (incidentally the report button also disappeared, meaning basically all spam links will stay forever) ... only positive point so far, the new design looks good (I give you that).

But what is upsetting me the most is that ALL my submitted links are lost, gone ?! (and I've been a digg user for over 2 years)

More information on the new version
and the inevitable "Known issues" page

More rants on How the new digg sucks (not from me) 

Now If you'll excuse me ... I'm heading for my new account on, thanks for reading

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