Feb 15, 2011

Inkscape - customizing keyboards shortcuts

This post is all about the attempt to standardize a bit the keyboards shortcuts within Gimp, myPaint and Inkscape.

Essentially the Zoom, the undo, accessing the layers, and exporting a file. What mainly caused this urge to maintain the same logic within these applications is the fact, that sometime you have to use all of them during a design process, and ctrl+L in Gimp to access the layers panel is doing a destructive simplification of the shape you're working on in Inkscape - also pressing Z in myPaint to undo the last command is such simpler than the ctrl+Z that it made sense to have that setup as well in the other applications.

This post will only focus on how to change Inkscape shortcuts - since it's really easy to assign shortcut in myPaint - (basically you open the command menu and press the key you want to assign) - same in Gimp you open preferences and change whatever you want to the menu command ... but when it comes to inkscape you have to dig deep into the config files to find the way to change the shortcuts ... they're hidden in ./config/inkscape/keys/default.xml

The following default.xml file is assigning the keys :
- ctrl, shift x = export
- z = undo
- ctrl z = zoom
- ctrl l = layers
- ctrl, shift l = selectionsimplify
- ctrl, shift e = xml editor


You can download the config file at pastebin

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