Mar 23, 2011

How to Publish your own Book

Maybe you've read about self-published author "Amanda Hocking" (the 26 years old writer from Austin, Minnesota) and you're wondering how to self-publish yourself ?

First thing to notice about her, is that she tried very hard before succeeding - she had the story, the writing skills, the book was ready, the only thing that was preventing her to get published was actually ... publishers, which thought the public wouldn't like her book ?! which thought some other books should have priority ... whatever the reason, Amanda did the good thing and past over their head.

This story is really inspiring and a big hope for freelance and occasional writers because it means everyone got a chance now - and that's for the public to decide what they like.

I prepared a selection of links  to help you publish your book :

How To Publish Your Own Book (In Print) Cheaply

How to self publish your book explained in 2 mn

Other inspiring success stories from Lulu

But now don't be fooled, when the book is out there - it doesn't mean it will sell ... because on top of having writing skills ... you'll have to master the techniques to promote your book, and find ways to spread the word about it using clever marketing ...

Now if you make it big, make a book about it. I'll definitely buy it!

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