Mar 12, 2012

How to make cool T-Shirt

Making your own T-Shirt is a fun hobby - It requires about a good design and then you can go into a printing shop or post your creation on and then have a cool "unique" T-Shirt.

There are a number of rules to follow though
The design has to be contrasted, not too much colors and should be around 1800x2100 pixels in 150 dpi.

Having that in mind, you can go crazy.

Here's a design by "David Lozeau"

David Lozeau - Shirts: David Lozeau has created shirt designs for big-name motorcycle builders, custom car clubs, up-and-coming bands, and small business owners, putting his funny spin on their ideas to help them market their brands and express their interests. But he also keeps a few designs for himself...

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