Oct 27, 2014

Why an alternative to facebook is needed

Why an alternative to facebook is painfully needed

Back in September 2014, a new social media network called Ello made his entry talking about ad-free alternatives to some of the big players of the field (facebook, myspace, etc ...), but more that that Ello promises that the personal information will never be sold to any third parties.

The problem is that viewed from a platform like facebook - a registered user is 'the product' - everything he does is scrutinized, and tracked and recorded so every post that is shared, every friend or every link followed is then sold to advertisers.

Being spied upon is it seems the new trend, the natural way of living with surveillance cameras at every corners of the cities, and where mobile devices are following your every moves...

So when people launch a new social media network that basically says “You are not a product,” its manifesto attracts new people.

The fact that Ello after a few research ended up - being a $435,000 company in venture capital, closed-source code, and a centralized structure appeared to be in contradiction with his pro-independence manifesto.

It just happened not to be what people looking for freedom would be interested in.
Not the anti-facebook we were looking for.

The need is still there, though ...

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