Oct 3, 2008

Red Alert on Linux for free (via DosBox)

Offered as a free download from EA website ; this oldie, but goodie game brings you in 2 CDs back in a alternate / parallel / temporal war-torn universe were Allies and Soviets Comrades are in constant fighting over world domination.

Now the good news is that even though the game was originally for Dos/Windows - it could works also under OS X and Linux
using Dosbox or Boxer for Mac - but it needs some tweaking :

Otherwise that's pretty much the end of the adventure before you begin
as the game requires to access the cd-rom (labelled as CD1 or CD2
depending on the party you're playing)

the fix is to type this dos command or to create a .bat file that includes

mount d /media/cdrom -t cdrom -label CD1

then launch RA.exe and enjoy

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