Dec 25, 2008

Playing the DM again (part 2)

More fun with Wesnoth Map editor, and within the dragon's lair now

Same principles as previous post drawing a map - then using Gimp adding some monster and numbers -

Here's the Map's legend :

1. some goblins with some information on the lieutenant - he was captured a while ago and has upset the dragon and no-one know where the lieutenant is now
2. a goblin with a short sword and one with a bow
they have a few potion and some gold's coin
3. the Dragon is now sleeping and unless the group is attacking - he won't move.
He's quite powerful and being agressive with him would be a bad idea.
4. a few goblins with scimitar
5. a few orcs with axes - but no treasure
6. a few mid-level goblin guarding the throne
7. a mighty troll is guarding the stone bridge to exit the cave
8. the throne were a high-level goblin is standing - he has a magic sword and a few potion
he can tell that the lieutenant when he was there has upset the dragon that casts a spell on him changing his looks ... and give some hints that there was a Yeti wandering around after that day.
9. some spiders and a few skeletons
A. entrance to a secret level -- feel free to continue this cave ; so the fun can continue --

Now, the funny twist in this story is that the lieutenant was actually transformed into a yeti - by the dragon's "polymorph" spell.

I always like when the player are acting with diplomacy and aren't killing all monsters in the area for the sake of experience and collecting treasure - in fact, if they frag all monsters they will never find the lieutenant ...

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