Dec 25, 2008

Playing the DM again

First of all, Happy Xmas nice reader and today I will share with you some fun you can have with the map editor of Wesnoth - Yes, it's brilliant -

If you ever played "Dungeon and Dragons" as a GM (Game Master) or DM (Dungeon Master as they called it back then) you know how painful it is to draw good looking maps ... But here on the left is one hell of a campaign map done in less than 15 mn ... now you just have to add number and put legends to the map -

in (1) a lonely wizard that might join the group
in (2) a tavern where the group will get valuable informations and tips and might even trade some equipment
in (3) a bunch of mercenaries up to no good
in (4) a local warlord with a quest - one of his lieutenant has disappeared while exploring a cave in the south ....

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