Jul 9, 2010

Gimp Developers talk to Gimp artists and ask for help

Every Gimp user may have complaints at least dozen times about the default resources in GIMP (you know the square empty brushes, the pepper brush etc ...) and even if many contributions have been made (i.e : Gimp Paint Studio being the most famous) ; it feels like adding new settings and options onto an already uncontrolled mess.

Because to be honest, when you have worked a bit with Gimp you end up using only your favorites brushes (usually collected on various random website) and depending on your style (e.g : grunge, traditional oil painting, gothic, techno etc ...) ; that means every time you want  to select a brush, palette, script ... you have to go into this dreadful mess of presets and options ...

Well, it's about to change with the introduction of resource tagging in Gimp 2.8 - because the plan is to drastically get rid of the vintage brushes and depending on the artists feedback and contributions to add new useful (and well organized with tags) set of brushes.

How can an "enlightened" Gimp user help : Simply by posting his contribution to the Bug 589371 - Improve default set of resources.

Now hurry because Gimp 2.8 is expected to be released at the end of 2010.
And if you want your best brushes, palettes, scripts, presets etc ... to be there you better get crackin'.

Read full article at the gimpusers.com GIMP artists! Your help is needed!

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