Jul 24, 2010

LinuxMint Isadora 9 LiveCD bug ?!

Using a LinuxMint "Live CD" when you're not at home and have to use another PC is pretty cool. Because you're sure not to mess with the user's settings accidentally, and do not have to bother if the PC has viruses or if it's slow at startup because it loads drivers ... and that's why I'm always carrying such CD when I go on vacation.

But today I thought I was going crazy : booting this particular PC from the LinuxMint Live CD/DVD Isadora 9 with only 2 devices attached Microsoft comfort curve Keyboard and Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse ; something really weird happened -- randomly the "up" key signal was sent about every 2-5 seconds (and believe me that's very annoying ...)

I confirmed the issue with "xev" and made a quickfix using "xmodmap" by disabling the keycode 111 (Up key).

I wonder if I'm the only one who has experienced this bug ?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seems to be Isadora specific - I had the same problem with mint X "Julia"
the workaround still works though!

Thanks for that tip.


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