Oct 3, 2010

Sintel - a Dragon's tale

Wow, Sintel is ready! Big kudos for the work done, it's brilliant, it's shiny ... it's beautifully made, ...

You can download the high resolution movie (up to 2048 x 872 px which is about 270 MB)
Check the project official page at Sintel - Open Movie

Last time it was a giant white rabbit fighting against critters (Big Buck Bunny), in a funny Rambo pastiche kind of way - now, the new animation is getting more mature, the story too, with  breath-taking landscape, more characters, lost cities, and ... Dragons.

Although Sintel is only 15mn long, (Big Buck Bunny was 10mn ...) many comments are hoping for a longer version, a sequel maybe?!

Check the http://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderFoundation

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