Nov 16, 2010

Installing mint-x "Julia" on an USB stick

I'm currently using Linux Mint Helena 8 on my laptop ; and since Linux Mint Julia 10 RC is now available , the idea grew to install Julia on a spare 4GB usb stick I had in my drawer.... Here's how it went :
  • Downloaded the Linux Mint 10 32bit iso torrent file at 10h30
  • Burned the cd 
  • booted on the CD - this distros is absolutely gorgeous - so I tried various applications and finally decided it worth a shot.
  • selected install from the Live CD
  • selected destination as the /dev/sdb 3.8GB filesystem showed by the installer 
  • around 70% I noticed an update grub event happened
  • the installation was completed at 11h09
I rebooted - then press F10 and selected in the laptop bios a restart from USB Hard drive and ... 
I was very disappointed to have a black screen while the fan were blowing like crazy, I waited 5Mn ... it was no help.

Then I ejected the usb stick, planning to reboot on my old  Linux Mint Helena 8, but then something worse happened, there was a grub rescue error - also in text mode, requesting a missing filesystem.

I re-insterted the usb stick and reboot - and there it was a grub loader offering to boot either from 2.6.35 Julia on the /dev/sdb or to boot from Helena 2.6.31 on /dev/sda ... and it worked just fine.

The USB stick isn't flagged as bootable, and the grub loader was modified on the existing Linux Mint Helena - and I can't help but to wonder why ?! 

But nevertheless Linux Mint 10 "Julia" is absolutely gorgeous, the "brushed steel" is perfect, all the icons are like little gems (especially the firefox icon) - the overall experience is absolutely outstanding, I'm currently running it from my 4GB USB key - and still have about 1.1GB of free space available ...

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