Jan 2, 2009

Battleon (part 2)

Yep, still playing ... created 2 characters, one is 14th level fighter the other one is 12th rogue - but really it doesn't make any difference.

It's funny how the monster design can vary from awesome to really crappy. Same stand for the background -

There are some funny stuff coming from time to time, I had to fight a seal on a beach who was throwing a beach ball on my head as a ranged attack -

Also had to fight the Duke of Hazard (a lizard with some paint impersonating a car from the well-known serie) see picture below :

Then later I had to fight a "sunray" ; (yeah ... very inventive a piece of sunshine attacking you and you don't have any sun cream nearby) - it was funny because Artix (a Paladin that will assist you on your first combats) when he slashed that monster was actually healing him - the combat was impossible to finish ... I don't know if that was a bug or a feature - but I had to flee !

Unfortunately for me ... I'm starting to understand the term "Grinding" more than ever - I guess my quests won't past level 15 - we'll see...

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