Jan 8, 2009

FileManager using tags

Tagging, is it the future of the file manager specie ? I don't know ... But I know for sure that wasting time searching for a file is very frustrating - especially in the middle of a creation.

Of course using filenames with a limited number of characters was fine until the average HD size reached around 80GB. Now it's getting more and more tricky to organize a collection.

Let say you are trying to setup a collection of clip-arts :
usually you start with a simple structure like characters, sceneries, items.
But then you want to get in more details : face, signs, outline
and where do that fit ?

That's why (I guess) tagging is the best way to get organized (and that's probably the reason why openclipart.org is using tags too !).

And recently I found that dream tool ; it's named "tracker" - and after 3 days of testing I'm quite happy with it, because it is very intuitive, and offer a lot of flexibility in organizing a collections of pictures, textures, outline, portrait, black and white, cartoon, scenery etc ... The perfect companion for Inkscape.

Meta Tracker - tracker-project.org


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