Jan 14, 2009

SLiM - Simple Login Manager

Maybe I never mentioned it - but I'm using Linux Debian and most of the time through virtual machine (virtualbox or vmware) - anyway part of the fun of using vms is that you can test a lot of package - and in this quest the benefits is often to get the fastest, more efficient vm you can - with the fewer package ; so it runs smoothly and isn't fat in terms of ram or space.

Anyway, my current environment is icewm and I was struggling to find a login manager to get along with it - I wanted something not too fancy (like gdm or kdm that mostly are used in correlation with respectively gnome or kde) - so I tested xdm first and wasn't impressed (it was ugly) but then I was advised to install slim - and yes, it rocks, it's easy to configure and is only one package to install - so fast, efficient - I adopted it immediately, and made (as a practical joke) a "vista-like" login (see picture on the left).

SLiM - Simple Login Manager

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