Jan 14, 2009

Battleon (part 3)

Erh ... I'm still playing - sort of ... Actually the game isn't that bad, and there is a bit of strategy during the fight (I have to confess that until level 15 I was pretty much pressing the big "Attack" button without thinking).

But the higher the level, and the longest the fight became, so it was time to investigate and ... moving the mouse over the opponent I just found the jackpot - there was the characteristics of the monster to fight - with various ratios for all elements (the Element Modifier section) and then it was easy to find the monster weakness - see for example on the left picture - this monster is particularly affected by Wind based attack - and would suffer 140% of such attack ; on the other hand he wouldn't be wise to attack him with Earth related weapon because this monster will only receive half the damage.

And there's a lot more on the Battleon forum AQ Help and Support

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